Learn: How to become a member

HAA Lāhainā has three membership categories:

Lālā Piha Pono

Vested Member (Voting)

A vested member shall be a descendant of a Hawaiian Kingdom subject, aboriginal or non-aboriginal, alive prior to January 17, 1893.

Vested members have full rights to vote, may run for any office, and may serve on any committee.

Lālā Hanohano

Honorary Member (Voting)

An honorary member shall be a descendant of a foreigner not naturalized as a Hawaiian subject prior to January 17, 1893.

Honorary members have full rights to vote and may serve on any committee, however, they are not eligible to run for President nor Vice-President.

Lālā ʻŌpio

Junior Member (Non-Voting)

A junior member shall be between the ages of fourteen and eighteen with at least one parent or guardian who is a member of HAA Lāhainā.

A junior member may only vote within the Junior Committee, and are not eligible to run for office nor committee chair. Junior Members are not required to pay annual dues.

All members, no matter the category, must be of good moral character and of good standing in the community, and must support the object of HAA Lāhainā to be eligible for membership.


HAA Lāhainā is interested in finding active members who are passionate about HAA Lāhainā's objectives. Members are expected to attend monthly membership meetings, assist with HAA Lāhainā events, serve on a committee, and use their talents to make HAA Lāhainā a stronger collective.

It is also an expectation that prospective members apply after gaining an understanding of the history and purpose of both HAA Lāhainā and Ka ʻAhahui Hawaiʻi Aloha ʻĀina (KAHAA). It is expected that prospective members carefully read through each of the resources assembled for you on this website including HAA Lāhainā's Bylaws prior to applying. Finally, members are urged to take advantage of the educational opportunities that HAA Lāhainā provides and to strive to continue learning after gaining and throughout membership.

This printable study guide is not required. But, it was designed to help you organize your thoughts, remember the important things there are to learn on this website, and give you space to reflect. If you choose to do this Study Guide, it will remain private to you - you will not be asked to submit your Study Guide to HAA Lāhainā.

If you prefer to gamify your learning, try the virtual practice quiz below to test your understanding. Take it as many times you need, your score will not affect eligibility.

Next Steps

When you've gotten an understanding about the history and purpose of HAA Lāhainā and KAHAA:


Download, print, complete, and sign the HAA Lāhaina Application


Either return your application to Nā Aikāne o Maui Cultural Center,
OR email it to:

Be Patient

Your application will be heard at the next HAA Lāhainā meeting where a vote will be held to approve your application.

Once your application has been accepted, membership will begin upon payment of annual dues. Annual dues for adult members is $20 per year or $10 for the half year.

Once each step is complete, membership is in full-force!